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The Best Portable Satellite Internet Terminals & Devices

Shop our huge inventory of satellite internet solutions from Inmarsat, Iridium, Kymeta, Hughes, Globalstar & Paradigm. We provide BGAN terminals, internet antennas, direct modems, and more. We also offer portable satellite rental options for temporary projects and adventures. Contact a Satellite Phone Store rep if you have ANY questions.


Cable Internet may be reliable if you live in a densely populated urban area, but if you don’t, you can find your Internet options incredibly limited. If your cable connection is regularly interrupted you can expect to experience the same with your Internet connection. Satellite Internet terminals provide an alternative for people who live off the grid, or who are hoping to get Internet that will go with them wherever their adventures may take them. If your adventures take you beyond the reach of cellular services, your satellite Internet will keep you connected. Unlike cable Internet, satellite Internet is available almost anywhere in the world. This is because while cable Internet relies on a physical cable, satellite Internet is provided through a signal transmitted from an Internet provider on land to a satellite and then from that satellite to your terminal. Just as with satellite television, your Internet will work best when the terminal has a clear line to the southern sky. And while Internet speed is slower with satellite it would only affect extremely high volume activities, such as gaming.


There are a variety of satellite Internet providers that have you can choose from when purchasing your satellite terminal. If you’re looking for a terminal that can support commercial, governmental, or disaster relief needs the Paradigm SWARM is a great option. Providing Ka-Band speeds its modem can be used on both Velocity and Evolution networks. Cobham sells mid-range priced products that are great for streaming or broadcasting while on the move or infield communications. Globalstar has devices that are as practical for personal use as they are affordable. Allowing you to connect up to 8 smart devices to a private Wi-Fi network to keep you up to date on your emails, texts, socials, and photo sharing.