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Inmarsat IsatData Pro Service Plans

DATA Pooled Plans

Service Plan Monthly Service Cost Monthly Data Allotment Overage Fee (Per Kilobyte)
Product Test Plan $8.75 1,000 bytes $2.50
10K Pool Plan $23.75 10,000 bytes $1.25
25K Pool Plan $36.25 25,000 bytes $0.88
100K Pool Plan $90.00 100,000 bytes $0.50

Group Broadcast Plans

Service Plan Monthly Service Cost Monthly Data Allotment Overage Fee (Per Kilobyte)
10K Broadcast Plan $175.00 10,000 bytes $15.00
25K Broadcast Plan $212.50 25,000 bytes $7.50
100K Broadcast Plan $437.50 100,000 bytes $3.75
One-Time Activation Fees:
Gateway Avctivation — $250.00
Mobile Activation — $25.00
Group ID Activation — $25.00

Service Plan Terms and Conditions

  • The customer is responsible to pay for all data sent through the IsatData Pro terminal. Messages pooled at the gateway are the responsibility of the customer to ensure their application releases the messages.
  • Minimum message size is 15 bytes with one byte increments.
  • Data consumption is rounded up to the nearest 10 bytes per message.
  • All plans are pooled data plans. Total inclusion data per customer is the total number of terminals for each pooled plan multiplied by the data inclusion for each Group ID. Pooled plans for terminals cannot be split amongst different Group IDs.
  • Data overage is only applied if the total of a customer’s grouped traffic exceeds total inclusion for all terminals in a Pooled plan.
  • Group Broadcast plans can be added to any pooled plan. The Group Broadcast Plan’s monthly Subscription Fee is equal to the Per Group ID monthly subscription fee times the number of Subscribed Group IDs. The data consumption for broadcast plans is calculated by multiplying the message size and the number of IsatData Pro’s regional beams that the message is transmitted over as well as the number of repeats selected when submitting the message for transmission.
  • Data Overage is applied on a per kilobyte basis.