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Marine Satellite Terminals for Offshore Internet

Satellite Phone Store specializes in all forms of maritime satellite communication systems. We stock everything you or your company needs for clear and consistent ship-to-shore communication. We also have extensive experience providing global enterprise satellite solutions for cruise ships, marinas, lighthouses, freight ships, government facilities, and the fishing industry. Rental options are available, as well.

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If you’re traveling on a boat, satellite internet connection is the most reliable way to enable voice calling, messaging, HD television reception, web browsing, and the downloading of weather information.

One of the many challenges of getting internet on a boat is financial. However as satellite Internet is a growing industry there are more and more options at even more affordable price points. Another obstacle to obtaining internet for your boat is mobility and distance. As your boat moves towards the poles a satellite dish needs to compensate for angled signals. Fortunately satellite technologies have progressed enough to provide you with reliable Internet no matter where your travels may take you.


Maritime satellite Internet is a growing industry and as such there are a lot of options for you to choose from when purchasing a satellite. Intellian has multiple products including Ku-Band, Ka-band, and Ku-Ka band convertible satellites. Their products include live network testing to ensure optimum performance, built-in spectrum analyzer, ACU with a two-line display, open platform system architecture, and Gyro-free satellite search capability. The Cobham Sailor Fleet has small and lightweight options that allow for broadband internet/intranet, email, and secure VPN. It can also allow for simultaneous voice calling and data use. It has speeds up to 432 kbps and can be used with custom IP applications and VPNs. Skipper FleetBroadband Satellites are great for commercial marine, fishing, and leisure vessels of a small or medium size. They allow for Forced Dialing, Restricted Dialing, Call Prioritization, Remote Access, Multilingual WebConsole, Time/Volume limited data sessions, MAC filtering, PPPoE, and Firewalls. It has fast speeds up to 150kbps and can get full-color weather images, navigational charts, and maintenance information.