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Government Services

Satellite Phone Store can help mobilize and monitor personnel, data, and assets anywhere in the world. We supply government agencies with robust, tactical and low-latency data command and control communications on-the-ground.

Professional Satellite Solutions

Satellite Solutions

  • Global satellite coverage for voice and data
  • Remote satellite connectivity for IOT, M2M and SCADA applications.
  • Failover satellite connections to make sure critical offices never go down
  • 24/7 Global Support for our enterprise clients

Internet Services

  • Global dedicated circuits over satellite
  • Ability to keep offices online even during disasters in emergencies
  • On the move satellite for vehicles
  • Mobile wireless satellite internet hotspots for personnel or small teams

Satellite Phones

  • Satellite phones from all the major networks – Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya & Globalstar
  • Great packages and promotions making communications more affordable than ever
  • Ability to deliver satellite phones and 99% of the countries in the world

Bulk Purchases

  • Satellite equipment and phone maintenance and support programs ensure the fleet is always up to date and operational
  • Corporate and enterprise promotions on large bulk orders of satellite phones equipment or airtime

Government Organization or Agency?


Our agents have over 15 years of hands-on experience in satellite communications and can help turn your team into savvy satellite communication professionals, as well!

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Please Note: to qualify for free training you must be from the US government and have a valid US government or Military Email address.

Aero Satellite Solutions

Satellite Phone Store provides air solutions for reliable connections, for safety and communications in the sky. We supply compact & portable military grade devices that deliver near real-time voice & data connections, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

Leverage highly reliable networks such as Iridium & Inmarsat to have 100% global coverage.

  • In-flight Advantage – Robust pole-to-pole coverage at competitive rates. Benefits include small form factor equipment for easy installation, low-grain antenna options to reduce aircraft drag, and low lifecycle cost of long-range communications.
  • High-performance broadband in the air – equip your aircraft with reliable, low-latency & high-speed in-flight connectivity – everywhere. Give passengers access to broadband in every stage of the flight through Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • Global Flight Safety Solutions – Secure your crew with global flight safety services including ATS, FANS, ACARS, AOC/AAC & EFB data streaming

Land Satellite Solutions

Satellite Phone Store helps your crew stay connected to your personnel and assets through reliable and secure satellite networks including Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya & GlobalStar. Ensure your team is equipped to achieve objectives for any mission around the globe.

Let Satellite Phone Store help your team benefit from the most secure & reliable satellite technologies:

  • Fixed Government Contracts – Take advantage of fixed-price contracts between top satellite brands and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), enabling Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) capabilities.
  • Unlimited Voice and Data at Your Command – Benefit from unlimited usage for unlimited subscribers on high-grade devices offering voice, data, tracking, short burst data and Netted DTSC services.
  • Secure Voice Communications – Use secure channels on phones available for provision on the dedicated US Department of Defense (DoD) Gateway, with anyone you have on the ground.

Sea Satellite Solutions

From coastlines to deep oceans, Satellite Phone Store can supply your team with the technologies your agency needs to stay connected anywhere on the planet.

Our inventory of compact, portable military grade devices delivers real-time voice and low-latency data connections. From asset tracking and environmental monitoring, you can be sure your team is equipped with a secure and reliable connection for any mission globally.

  • Watershed Contracts for EMSS – Take advantage of contracts between satellite brands such as Iridium and DISA enabling EMSS capabilities like no other brand.
  • Secure Communications – Use open DoD gateways that are NSA type-1 approved so voice and data communications are secure, regardless of what ocean your mission is navigating.
  • Netted Communications – Cast a wider net for tactical communications using networks utilizing real-time voice and low-latency data services for mobile and tactical communications. Use services that provide reliable over-the-horizon, on the move and beyond the line of sight voice and data communications. Equip your team with single secure global push-to-talk channels for an unlimited number of people whether they are on a ship or at the shore.

Who uses Satellite Solutions

Emergency & First Responders

Public Safety


Search & Rescue


Border Services & Homeland Security

Oil, Gas, Mining, Energy & Utilities


Construction & Offroad

Disaster Relief

Natural Resources Management

Commercial Fishing

Government Agency and Organization

Our solutions provide unmatched reliability, security and reach for all mission-critical operations in the air, on land, and at sea.

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USA Marines | Land Satellite Solutions


USA Navy | Sea Satellite Solutions


USA Aviation Forces | Air Satellite Solutions

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